All that being said, lets discuss the “controversial” aspects of this cosy town. First of all, when I described the nightlife as “vivid and colourful”, in all the fairness I should probably elaborate of what it actually entails: overload of loud Russian pop music, massive crowds of all kind of people, which largely consist of the proud visitors from Russian Federation and Belarus as well as some of our own loveliest emigrants, coming back home for summer holidays wearing their shiny, new Adidas tracksuits… bought from the second-hand stores, of course. 

Curonian Spit

First thing worth visiting is the most famous of them all – Parnidis dune (Parnidžio kopa). The panorama from the top of this hill jus breath-taking – the sheer scope of the sand dune (it is called “Sahara of Lithuania” for a reason), virginal forest, the pale green sea on one side, Curonian lagoon on the other… You can even see Russia from there. Though unless you are a crazy seeker of extreme challenges which won’t end well, we do not recommend try to visit our friendly neighbour without getting all the paperwork done first. 

8 Fun Facts about Marine Life

If you are a fan of the marine life, you probably already know that 25th of July – 9th of August 2015 is National Marine Week, during which The Wildlife Trust celebrate the UK’s amazing sea animals and plants. The UK’s marine environment is home to some of our most fascinating wildlife, such as basking sharks, grey seals, puffins and dolphins. This year The Wildlife Trust are celebrating dolphins![nuoroda į straipsnį:]

An Inspiring Way to Stand Up for your Beliefs

Every rational person agrees that feminism is still necessary. On the other hand, feminism these days is still full of double–standards, obnoxious behaviour and never ending discussions amongst the feminists regarding which approach to the movement is “the right one”. While these debates seem to be going nowhere and there are still plenty of people thinking that they might influence society just by running around topless, producing an endless stream of angry letters and constantly feeling offended because somebody said or did something (remember the Matt Taylor T-shirt?), some people still manage to stand for their beliefs in a creative, fun way and, ergo, are still being heard.[nuoroda į straipsnį:]

3 Inspiring Stories of Everyday Heroes

A London Ambulance Service paramedic, Mel Armstrong, 34, has won a London Ambulance Service VIP award for bringing a man back to life while on a family holiday. She was on Brighton Pier with her family on New Year’s Eve when she saw a man collapse at the slot machines. Mel said: “I heard a loud bang and I turned around and there was a man slumped against a machine. As I looked down, I could tell instantly he was about to stop breathing. I did CPR and after a few minutes managed to get a pulse back.”  [nuoroda į straipsnį:]